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Pravis nagar keejiy sub kaja Hirday rakhi kosalpur raja Pray to God and being the work sure you will get success.

J.P. Manus is a great astrologer and well known personality in India, Europe, South Africa, France, Mauritius, U.S.A. Manus’s knowledge covers almost the entire range of astrology. The value of the work of Manus is unmistakable. Manus is a scholar of exceptional merits not only in different Aspects of astrology proper but also in such collateral subjects as Omens and Mantra Sastra.

Pandit J.P. Pandey has worked successfuly as a Vedic Astrologer for well renouned the great His Holliness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi from 1991 to 2005 and visited several countries through Maharishi Vedic Movement .During this course of time he has implemented many entrusted work and glorified them by the grace of venerable Maharishiji.

Unique treasure of knowledge and science Veda is an oldest literature In the world. Veda has six limbs. Vedic Astrology is the eyes of Veda. Importance of eye in the body is greatest number. Vedic astrology means Divine light. For looking in past, present and future only Vedic Astrology is alone means. Having come to know as for future one can avert inauspicious events which has not come yet. In the modern age most of people are tired of problems. They are searching solution of a problem and Only Maharishee Vedic Astrology represents an appropriate solution of various kinds of problems. By the use of this one can attain success and enjoy happiness and peaceful life.


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