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                SOUND YOGA(THEREPY)    
Sabhar From Jatak Parijat-
Jyotish Kalpaddrum (“Age tree” which grants all desires of one who sits Underneath It)













Welcome to Pandit Pandey Vedic Astrology

Pandit Pandey Vedic Astrology deals with the laws of nature, space, time and human being. It is a divine science. It is the eyes of Veda. It is the light of wisdom which helps us to overcome all the imbalances in our lives.
M.P.A. gives profound knowledge in all areas of life like-health, finances, relationship, profession and spiritual development.
M.P.A promotes harmony & avoid conflicts, problems and failures in personal and professional life.
By the use of M.V.A one can avoid future problems and promote evolution of life in more natural way.
By the use of M.V.A one can receive helpful guidance to make the right decisions in life.

Every aspect of our life can be seen very closely such as health, wealth, business, personal relationship, family, career, friendship, longevity, spiritual evolution etc.