Sound Yoga





“Yat Pinde Tat Brahamanday”

What so ever things are existing in the cosmos, total things are existing in the body of every living being. Ourbody is full of energy. But generally people pass by the advantages of the energy. Sound Yoga (Dhwani Yoga) teaches us about the energy besides this Sound Yoga instructs.

how to use the energy.
Why should I weste my time to learn the Sound Yoga?
Sound Yoga makes you independent, self sufficient and self reliant person.
‘Karu Bahiyna Bal Apni…………………’
A living being requests to God to fulfill his desire.
The habit is usual ’s request has accepted ever and anon and his faith upon the God became in life. One strong. Next time his desire has not come true. Upon this some people realize their own difficiency and keep on the  requesting. On the other hand someone  feels sore and becomes apathetic.

What is the reason behind this ?
Not to find right way to convey his request to God is only reason behind this. Sound Yoga teaches right way. Hence you should learn  the Sound Yoga.
Sound Yoga Awakens a intense desire to know and use of the inner power which is in the latent state.
Emotions manage automatically by the use of Sound  Yoga.
Sound Yoga brings easiness in the sphere of life.
Anger goes away and does not gether by the use of Sound Yoga.
Sound Yoga is a Bidge between inner and outer personality.
To fill any gap is the law of nature.

What is the  gap?
The distance between lackness and fulfillment is the gap or tme. The time is measured by the distance of the gap. If there is a shart distance in the gap fulfillment will take lesstime.   
How to cut down the time?
This is quite impossible.
What to do them?

Everything in the cosmos is moving so to  say the fulfillment has mobility.so let increase the rate of Motion of the fulfillment. The time will fall  of . thus anybody would get off with the difficult situation.
Patience very is Ammrit (Nectar). Sound Yoga increases the patience.
Sound Yoga is Always worth while in Material and spiritual both life.
Where is knowledge there is energy and where are both there is bliss. The person roams in vain who has not acquaintance about his inner knowledge, power and bliss. The  state of astray causes of grief. Sound Yoga gives an easiest way to avart any difficulties.

There is not any incurable disease out of the extent of the Sound Yoga.